14 Most beautiful places in new zealand:

1. Piha Beach

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Piha Beach

There is many beautiful places in New Zealand Piha is one of them that is breath-taking. The city welcomes international surfers because the city known of its surf. Surf learners happy because the place is very suitable for learning to surfing. They want to abseil Piha Canyon. The giant Lion rock is climb able, and you can see the 360 of beautiful view.

So, In summer this place is best for visitors. KiteKite falls is a beautiful spot that is pleasurable of 45 minute walking track, to get the surfing town and also caves here to explore the Beauty.
In the beach, you can see the jellyfish(Portuguese man o war). The beach is not good for kids who want to swim here but a beautiful place at all.

There are many surfers there to make our visit enjoyable. If you are interested in surfing you can learn there. Piha Beach is famous among tourists and photographers. Beautiful Black Sand is a strong part of the beach. A Volcanic monolith is war memorial and Maori Carvings are a favorite for photo place.

2. Lake Tekapo- Known as blue lake

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Lake Tekapo- Known as blue lake

The most stunning lake of New Zealand due to it blue crystal water. It is caused by glacial flour which is created with rocks. The lake covers an area of eighty-three rectangular km middle of the south island. The lake is not lovely because of this best blue water however, the lovely nature that surrounds it. Pink cute flora draws travelers and photographers all around the global.

At night-time, the area of lake will become stargazing heaven. At some point of summer crimson lupin vegetation looks like carpet roadside. This pink lupin plants like painted countryside create a beautiful view. The view draws hundreds of human beings come here to make selfies with the stunning vegetation. That is incredible joy himself.

The lake is exceptional for visitors in summer season. Additionally, in spring you’ll now not neglect vacation spot. You can go to the tekapo lake, you cannot forget the superb places.

3. Wanaka

Most beautiful places in new zealand

Wanaka is beautiful city of New Zealand. People love Wanaka because the lake is unforgettable and has alpine features. Wanaka becomes more attractive in winter that attracts the skiers. The lake is situated on the South Island of New Zealand.

The lake has outstanding resorts, but in summer water activities are held for those who are wanted to admire the Beauty of Lake. Wanaka is the best place for starting visit. Here the highest mountain named Mount Aspiring (3027 meters). Hi come here to head out of the mountain.

If you want to relax, you can see local parks, local museums and transportation system. If you want to visit whole lake, First, you have to see local wineries that have been awar9ded prizes for the famous outstanding wines in the area.

4. Milford Sound – Fiordland National park

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Milford Sound – Fiordland National park

This is the most famous place in the country. You can see the Beauty of the city by water and air. You can see the wildlife, penguins, birds, and dolphins also. Milford’s sound is considered the 8th wonder of the world. This valley attracts the tourists to visit the towering cliffs, and many waterfalls and calm waterways. I you want to really see the Beauty of the city, you can hike the Milford tracks and enjoys the scenic view of its shore.

You must go to kayaking and go on a visionary flight.
Milford sound welcomes thousands of tourists each year around the world. People come here to enjoy and admire the Natural Beauty.

The Explorer Says That Milford Sound is one of the beautiful places if new zealand.

5. Mount Cook National Park

 Most beautiful places in new zealand
Mount Cook

Mount Cook is a magnificent place you need to be visit. You can see dreamy scenes of New Zealand highest mountain. When you will start journey along side the rushing Hooker river thare you can enjoy the swing bridge and excellent ancient Glaciers. Just stand still you can hear the moving and cracking sound of Glacier.

If you have short time , head to Tasman lake an easy 20 minute walking and then you can see reflection of Mount Cook in the water and icebergs are floating on by.
Tusman lake is located here. The hotels in Mount Cook are affordable. From Queenstown the 5hours way. It’s a perfect place for tourists. The park is part of the Wahipounamu world Heritage site .

6. Auckland

Most beautiful places in new zealand

Auckland has two horbors and the biggest city of New Zealand with most population Polynesian city in the world (1.6 MILLION). Many things like sand beaches, rain forest hiking trails, islands, picturesque places and volcanoes make the city perfect place for tourists and adventures.

The most famous place is a beautiful Sky Tower. The height of the tower is 328 meters. Where from you can see the whole city. The other enjoyable thing of Auckland city is its art scene restaurants. The hotels in Auckland are perfectly affordable. The fun is waiting for you here because you can go to quiz nights and movie nights regularly. Hope you will enjoy yourself.

7. Cape Reinga

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Cape Reinga

On the top of the North Island cape Reinga is sits. Maori legend place tells the tourists that spirits depart from the Earth into the homeland Hawaiki. The walk to cape Reinga,s famous lighthouse provides us beautiful views of the coastlines and surrounding greenery around the Cape.

At the Cape ,the tusman sea meet the Pacific Ocean. Pohutukawa tree is here, it is believed that the tree is 800 years old. In this sacred place, eating is not allowed. If you want to take pictures and looking for a outstanding picnic place Cape Reinga is enough good for tourists.

8. Nelson Lakes National Park

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Nelson Lakes National Park

Nelson Lakes National Park is located on upper end of the South Island. Nelson lakes national park is beginning of the excellent alps. In the middle of two lakes soaring forest is surrounding the valleys: Rotoiti and Rotoroa. These two spots highly recommend for fishing, camping, swimming and hiking. The area of the lake is 102,000 hectare.

The lake is surrounded by deep mountains and honeydew.
The lake feed us a variety of tuneful eating native birds. Rotoiti and Rotoroa lakes created by the chief Rakaihaitu digging holes with his digging stick. 1st hole became Rotoroa(large water) and 2nd hole became Rotoiti(Small water). The nearest village St Arnaud is comfortable

9. Tongariro National Park

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Tongariro National Park

Tangariro National Park is part of the North Island and has two UNESCO world heritage status because remarkable volcanic features of Maori culture association. In the park three volcanoes are active 1st Tongariro Ngauruhoe , 2nd Roapehu and 3rd Glacial Emerald lakes. Boiling mud pools of red active crater is crossing the alpine. If you watched movie lord of the rings these volcanoes are in the movie.

In winter, you can take snowboarding here because this is a great place for sports and you can test your luck here and can enjoy your visit. Water sports like stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and rafting. Dreamy mountains looks great here you can save your memories. The hotels in this park are good where you can stay while exploring. Plateau Lodge takes people to popular places around the park and to the bars,cafes, bus and train stops.

This is one of another attractive places in new zealand. All are beautiful here.

10. Mount Taranaki

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Mount Taranaki

The mount taranaki known as Mount Egmont. It is balanced shape has a strong resemblance Japan,s Mount fuji. In movie of Tom Cruise The last Samurai Mount Taranaki served as backdrop. We can access to magnificent peak through hiking tracks around the Egmont National Park. Many activities like snowboarding, river rafting and hiking.

You can see the reflection of Mount Egmont in the looks crazy. The last lighthouse in Cape Egmont you can also visit the lighthouse.
You can book a hostel polymouth is your best choice. The hotel is highly rating because the staff of the hotel create homely atmosphere . From hostel you can find pukekura park, museums and galleries.

11. Wai O Tapu

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Wai O Tapu

Wai O Tapu is a Geothermal Wonderland, which is located outside the Rotorua place. The history of this place tells us that the place impressed visitors with its hot pools. The Geothermal park has showcase of colorful springs and has vibrant champagne pools and Shiny green Devil,s Bath; as like spouting lady in geyser and the bubbling mud pools. The area is remarkable of volcanic activity and one of the attractive places in new zealand.

The Opening Time: it’s open from 8.30am to 5pm from April to October and 6pm from November to March . Entry Costs almost 32.50 USD NZD for adults and $11 for children aged 5-11. Go there to see the wonder.

12. Marlborough

Most beautiful places in new zealand

The big wine growing region of New Zealand is Marlborough and popular of world sauvignon Blanc . The soil environment created by this. The fresh seafood cook by the world’s famous chefs. It’s all about landscape from valleys of vines flowed the sound of Marlborough. If you want to tour Marlborough hire a bike, choose more than 30 cellar doors and test the way of wines.

You can take a luxury lunch in the vineyard restaurant. All the way you will enjoy.

13. Moeraki

Most beautiful places in new zealand

While one thinks of Moeraki, the primary factor that comes to mind the compelling spherical boulders scattered round KoeKohe seashore. These intriguing rock functions at the Otago coast aren’t just amazing for his or her large size; they’re also of excellent hobby geologists who look at their phenomenal concretions – a lot so, the area is a part of a covered scientific reserve.

The boulders are often unfold in clusters and were carved out of mud stone erosion and beach’s turbulent waves. You can enjoy these places in New Zealand.

14. Bay of Island

Most beautiful places in new zealand
Bay of Island

Bay of Island is famous for tourists attraction. This Island is like Heaven for sailing boats. Bay of Island looking beautiful in the necklace of pearls . See the natural wonder that is the hole inside the rock on an island cruise and experience spotting all forms of birds and marine existence from the boat – dolphins, seals and penguins all frequent visitors.

Go to historical Russell – these days a fascinating historical village of boutique stores and eateries, but as soon as a lawless open port known as the ‘hell hole of the pacific’. Bay of Island is best tourists choice places in New Zealand.

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